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DOT-DASH TO DOT.COM is available from most online booksellers, including:  (and other regional sites) (Barnes & Noble)

A recent Google search for DOT-DASH TO DOT.COM produced more than thirty additional websites that are selling the book but do not appear on this list. They include booksellers based in Poland, South Africa, Germany, Australia, India and Norway. I’ve therefore concluded that it is no longer necessary to keep updating this list. Go to your favourite online bookseller, and they will almost certainly stock it.

If you want to order a copy from a high street bookshop, here’s the kind of information that they may ask you for:

Title:  Dot-Dash to Dot.Com
Author:  Andrew Wheen
Publisher:  Springer-Praxis Books
ISBN:  978-1-4419-6759-6
e-ISBN:  978-1-4419-6760-2
DOI:  10.1007/978-1-4419-6760-2

Sadly, not many high street bookstores have the book on their shelves yet. The first two that I came across were Heffers Bookshop at Cambridge University and Blackwell’s Bookshop at Oxford University (both part of the Blackwell’s chain). A big thank you to the staff at those fantastic shops!

An e-book version of DOT-DASH TO DOT.COM is available on iBooks, so Apple fans can read the book on iPad, iPhone (3rd Generation or later) or iPod Touch (2nd Generation or later). The book is also available from Springer in pdf format. However, you’ll need an e-reader that supports colour to get the full effect, and I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to sign an e-book.

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